Is there a right way to eat a caviar? No? Yes? Maybe? Purists think there is only one way – clean. Others believe there is nothing better than having it with blinis or a crispy baguette with the best butter. Chefs spoon it on consommé, soup, poached fish, pizza, pasta and even burgers. Others test the possibilities that do not kill the pearls, yet make life more interesting.

If we look at it in a traditional way, then yes, caviar was and is eaten pure. On a mother-of-pearl spoon and in small portions. No large spoons and mouthfuls were acceptable historically and that is still taboo in households around the world. Yet, the industry is changing and society is changing, so is consumption. Yes, it is ok to eat it with a bit bigger spoon, serve it on burrata or sandwich, and enjoy it with gin or a cocktail instead of vodka or champagne.

One thing many suggest, though, is when eating a piece of fish with caviar (it may be problematic and dangerous even), never chew the pearls but roll them around the mouth instead. That could be the case when you enjoy them pure, but with food – one should chew them just as the rest of the food on the plate.

What to eat with caviar

  • Freshly baked sourdough bread or baguette
  • Creamy burrata
  • Blinis
  • Crepes
  • Galettes – it goes perfectly with buckwheat and creme fraiche
  • Creme fraiche on a spoon with caviar (and bread)
  • Mascarpone
  • Creamy pasta sauce with a touch of lemon zest (not lemon)
  • Poached white fish
  • Mildly cured salmon or trout
  • Crackers
  • New, steamed potato halves
  • Creamy potato puree
  • Latkes with mild salmon
  • Sour cream
  • Cream cheese
  • Eggs – softly boiled, hard, omelette, scramble or oeufs cocotte (shirred eggs)
  • Lightly smoked trout or salmon
  • Lightly smoked sturgeon