Caviar for Modern Gourmets

SIA "Malakhoff Caviar"
Rīga, Audēju iela 14 - 3,

    Malakhoff Caviar, a new brand of caviar has been presented in the European market in 2019. The brand is new only formally, since its business history counts several decades already.

    Alexander Malakhoff, the founder and the owner of the Malakhoff brand is a restaurateur, traveller, yachtsman, editor, aesthete, and hedonist, a genuine global Russian living both in Latvia and France. Alexander is the founder of several life-style businesses, the owner of the leading glossy magazines in the Baltics in the recent past.

    His experience and awareness about the high gastronomy and sophisticated taste suggested Alexander the idea to create his own brand of premium quality food products.

    Alexander Malakhoff had been looking for inspiration for a long time, and caviar became his first choice – the best superior quality product! In his worldwide search Alexander met one of the most reputable producers of this gourmet black gold.

    Three generations of the producer’s family have been providing caviar of an outstanding quality to private customers, hotels, and Michelin restaurants in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Sweden. For years his contact details have been handed over exclusively from customer to customer: the supplies have been always quite small, and the caviar house made quality and prestige their priorities.

    Selection of spawning fish and salting of caviar is a delicate craft requiring exceptional skills and a good intuition. Professionals use their know-how to select fish with caviar of the top-quality and necessary texture, thus making caviar an exclusive, “hand-made” product, and those professionals can be surely referred to as genuine gurus.

    This way, a new collaboration has been started – the Malakhoff Caviar brand, the union of the high-standard traditions and a new, modern approach to the presentation and the consumption of the classical product.

    The circle of friends and customers of Alexander Malakhoff is a kind of a club for connoisseurs of a great taste, an exclusive way of living and a new consumption culture, where the family members and the partners can be certainly named visionaries and creative entrepreneurs of a new generation.

    It is no coincidence that the customers of the Malakhoff Caviar brand always count a great number of art and business personalities, art collectors, sophisticated aesthetes – true hedonists and gourmets. So, the brand’s owner himself has quite soon acquired the same image by earning such epithets like “caviar artist” or an “artist of caviar business”.

    Nowadays, when the high gastronomy and modern art have ceased to be the exclusive domain of the elites, Alexander Malakhoff decided to turn his caviar from a club-reserved delicacy into a product available to a wider range of foodies. The newest marketing and design tools allow to find like-minded persons who would appreciate and understand a good product, not just between the friends of the friends, but also amongst a wider public.

    There are much more sophisticated food connoisseurs appeared in the recent decades in the whole world. Gastronomic “awareness” has reached the level when people start to appreciate subtle details of the caviar’s taste and texture, and are not just amazed by its price.

    One of the Company’s principles is to remain loyal to what marketing names the “DNA of the brand” – to focus on quality, to treat caviar not like a symbol of a high status, but like an art object. And in this case, since we mean a reconsidered business-model being interpreted in a modern way, the “DNA of the brand” can be understood literally.

    Alain Ducasse was among the first personalities to appreciate the quality of the Malakhoff caviar after the brand appeared on the market: in his opinion, this caviar with a dense texture and oily taste suits perfectly the French cuisine interpreted in modern terms.

    Malakhoff is a high art of the caviar in an available format. It is natural for art to change, to resonate with modernity, to response to the needs of the world around us. And it is natural not only for art, but also for fashion – let’s remember the interpretations of the heritage of all the great fashion houses of the 20th century. The same regarding gastronomy – we have been witnesses of a complete reboot of restaurant business within one generation – through the modernist cuisine towards a widespread diffusion of new gastronomy techniques. The world is changing, becoming more open, more dynamic. The modern creator borrows all the best from the previous eras and adds to the heritage new forms and senses.

    This is the mission of the Malakhoff Caviar – to give a new lease of life to a classical product, to make caviar harmonious with the modern rhythm of life.

    Alexander Malakhoff focuses on the product’s quality development, but is not intended to produce caviar only. In the nearest future Malakhoff’s brand will expand actively its range of exclusive delicacies.

    Gift Edition

    Malakhoff Caviar is an exquisite gift when you need to surprise your beloved person, a friend, a colleague or a guest. A special packaging has been developed for such occasions, a packaging with well-read visual references to constructivism and art-deco, the most dynamic and elegant art trends of the 20th century in the Eastern and Western hemispheres, those aesthetic movements translating an uncompromising message that the new century had asserted itself and the future was already there.

    Now, on the threshold of the 2020-ies, in our world which has changed so radically, it sounds as contemporary as never before.