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  • Hemingway and Fizgerald sandwich

    Hemingway and Fitzgerald loved these sandwiches, which (at the time) were served in many Parisian bistros and modeled after the parties they attended. It had to be served with the best champagne. Always. An inspiration from the book F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Taste of France. 4 x 15 cm pieces of crispy fresh baguette 8 tsp […]

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  • Lemony cod with caviar

    The main ingredient of this dish, if you don’t consider the king – caviar, is the cod. It has to be wild. The best of the best, as only those with the purest taste will not spoil other ingredients. Bad quality cod can ruin the dish, so if you have no good cod, eat caviar […]

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  • Simple burrata toast with caviar and chives

    One would think that only blini and eggs are capable of a good friendship with caviar, but once you try this dish, you will change your mind. The mild saltiness and minerality of caviar is the perfect companion for burrata — a truly uncomplicated and incredible dish to enjoy.   1 slice sourdough bread 1/2 […]

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  • Avocado toast with poached egg and caviar

    The best weekend breakfast there is! Avocado on toast served with poached egg and caviar. You can skip the egg and serve it right away with avocado. Both ways are very tasty, but it is exceptional with the egg, especially with that runny yolk trying to escape the walls of egg whites. avocado: 2 ripe […]

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  • Caviar crisps

    This simple appetizer will benefit from great company and glass of chilled champagne or Cremant. Its crispness is magical with the creaminess of the egg cream and lightly salted caviar — pure magic in one bite. 2 hard boiled eggs 1/5 finely grated organic lemon 1 tsp fennel greens, finely chopped 2 tbsp thick creme […]

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  • Crispy potatoes with creme fraiche and caviar

    This dish presents the best of everything: very smooth sauce, crispy potatoes, and fresh caviar. You can prepare the potatoes in advance, baking just until the moment you would take off the foil. And when the guests are ready, bake them until crispy and voila — pleasure in every bite. potatoes: 400 g new potatoes, […]

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  • Strained sour cream spread with caviar

    Not only does this dish taste stunning, but it also looks beautiful. The cream tastes very different once strained and topped with salmon and oil. The lemon zest adds a touch of that needed freshness, yet not overpowering the dish with sourness. And the salad brings out the freshness that balances the fattiness of the […]

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  • Lemon zest oeufs en cocotte with caviar

    One of the French classics, oeufs en cocotte is the ultimate breakfast food. Creamy, silky, and smooth. It takes little time to make but needs some patience and attention to perfection and is the greatest pleasure to eat. The magic in this dish lies in many little things – the quality of produce. The eggs […]

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